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Certified Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner - Practitioner/Teacher - Life Coaching

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Because of the unusual and unprecedented circumstances, due to COVID-19, I will temporarily, not be seeing clients in person, until further notice.  This was a difficult decision, but with a clear mind, and heartfelt contemplation, I knew there was no choice, but to curtail seeing clients in person. 
However, that doesn’t mean you cannot use the Power of Hypnosis or Life Coaching, to make a positive behavioral change, even during this difficult time.  Many people are feeling increased anxiety and stress, related to COVID-19.  Connecting online is an option, which allows you to access my services, while continuing to practice social distancing.  Offering Online Appointments is not a new practice, I have been using it for clients, which didn’t have the time to travel, or for those that lived too far away (even out of state), to meet in person.  These clients, experience the same impactful results, as those that come for in-person sessions.  Of course, none of us would choose social distancing, given a choice, but for now, NO choice remains.  We must follow CDC guidelines, and practice social distancing, in an attempt to flatten the surge of COVID-19 contagion, for the safety of our entire community.
My deepest, most genuine thanks and gratitude, for your willingness to be flexible, during this difficult time.  I hope that you remain safe and healthy as this emergency goes through its cycle.  Please contact me (phone or text) 518-728-3195 or email to schedule a FREE online screening appointment or to discuss my services.

Hypnosis has helped people solve a wide-array of problems in their lives, change habits, and improve personal skills, which enable you to make the desired changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are possible.

Let me assist you in smoking cessation, losing weight and reducing your stress! 518-728-3195


Susan is a member of The American Board of Neuro-Liguistic Programming








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